Le Club de l’Amitié

The Club de l’Amitié’s parade float from the 150th anniversary in 2004
(Left to Right) Bob, his children Celina and Alex, and his wife Carrie Bechard celebrate the 150th anniversary of Pain Court aboard the Club de l’Amitié parade float.

Inspired and encouraged by his close friends in Stoney Point (who themselves had organized the first-ever Francophone “Club d’Âge d’Or” in the region), Mr. Edmond Chauvin, a retired teacher from École secondaire de Pain Court, founded the “Club d’Âge d’Or de Pain Court” in 1975.

A few years later, the club changed its name to the “Club des Aînés de Pain Court” and then eventually to the “Club de l’Amitié”.

With financial assistance through government grants, the club was able to renovate a room in the basement of the Immaculate Conception Church to use as their meeting space; a room that they continue to enjoy to this day nearly fifty years later.

Mr. Chauvin dedicated a significant amount of his time to the group as he served as President from the inception of the group in 1975 until 1993. Yes! His presidency lasted 18 years!

In 1993, a new president was elected – someone who already happened to be president of the local Caisse populaire bank – Mr. Edmond Gagner. His presidency lasted six years until 1999.

In 1999, the era of presidents named ‘Edmond’ ended with François Caron taking office for 14 years until 2013.

François’ successor was none other than his own wife, Mae Caron who continues to hold the presidency until this day.

Today, the “Club de l’Amitié” counts over 160 members. They are proud members of the “Fédération des aînés et retraités de l’Ontario” (FARFO) as well as the “Assemblée Francophone de l’Ontario” (AFO) and the “Régionale de la FARFO du Sud-Ouest”.

The club’s goal is to unite local francophones to have fun, socialize, help one another, stay healthy, exercise, and ultimately to preserve our francophone language, culture, and traditions that are unique to our region.

President Edmond Chauvin
President François Caron
President Edmond Gagner
President Mae Caron