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Aerial Photos of Pain Court

(Photos provided by Chuck Belanger)

Local Landmarks

The Sacré-Coeur Monument

Located beside the Immaculée conception church on the Winterline Road, the Sacré-Coeur monument was built in 1919 at the behest of the community’s priest, Père Emery.

He had made a promise to the parish that if all of our local soldiers returned from the First World War and our community remained unaffected by the Spanish Flu, he would fund the construction of a monument thanking God for the protection he bestowed upon our community.

Two additions were made to the monument during the 75th anniversary of the village on June 5th, 1926 by the village elders.

The left one is of St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of deceased loved ones and the right one is of Saint Jean de Brébeuf, who was the first missionary to preach in Pain Court.

Marie-Thérèse (the church bell)

Christened Marie-Thérèse by Bishop Adolphe Pinsonneault on the 25th of September, 1864, this bell has been used in our four consecutive churches and survived four church fires. She was decommissioned in 1966 and a monument was built in 1982 to commemorate the steadfastness and survival of our community’s traditions and faith despite all odds.

According to the sign, her godparents were Mr and Mrs Théophile Bélanger, Mr and Mrs Crysanthe Béchard, Joseph Pinsoneault, J. Drak, Miss Bériller, Ms. Reynolds, and Widow Hubert. The attending priest during her consecration was Father P. Andrieux.

Each of the churches were erected in 1854, 1874, 1911, and 1937.

Parc du Centennaire

Founded in 1965, the Parc du Centennaire was created to honour the centennial of Canada’s confederation. Please visit our local attractions page for more information about park location, amenities, and rules.

Days of Yore

Historical Photos

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